Birthday Balloons.

Birthday balloons – Bespoke balloon decor.

Birthday balloons are essential to help create the perfect ambience for your party.

Each item of balloon decor is significant in that it's function is to highlight a particular area of your venue, for example:

Foil number balloons placed by the entrance or the gift table provide your guests with the first glimpse of the drama to come.

The birthday balloon packages below are examples of work we have already done. The prices are based on ten tables. However , we understand that your requirements are unlikely to fit exactly into these parameters therefore we offer them simply as a guide line. your choice is not limited in any way. We will do our best to furnish you with whatever your heart desires.

Birthday balloon packages

BP 1

2 x large number foils
10 (5) balloon table bouquet
large arch


BP 2

Criss-cross dance canopy with large number foils
10 (5) balloon table bouquets



large turquoise and black arch
2 x large number foils


BP 4

2 x (7) balloon bouquets including top number foil balloon
8(3) balloon bouquets with top printed latex balloon


BP 5

2 x large foil numbers
10 (5) balloon table bouquets with printed latex top
1 floor standing balloon champagne bottle and balloon bubbles


5 balloon bouquet with printed top latex

champagne bottle with bubbles

champagne bottle with bubbles

BP 6

Luxury dance floor canopy
10 (3) balloon table bouquets with printed top balloon


BP 7

4 arch balloon canopy with tulle & bows
10 (3) balloon table bouquets


BP 8

2 x large number foils & 10 (5) balloon floor bouquets with heart foil
100 ceiling balloon canopy
air filled arch