Cloud nines

Below you will find examples of our cloud nines. If you are looking for a "cloud nine package" have a look on our wedding packages pages. 

Of course they are loved by everyone and very popular for all sorts of celebrations, naming ceremonies, engagement parties, anniversary gatherings as well as birthday parties.

Called "cloud nines" because they consist of 9 balloons which  float cloud like above your buffet table or whatever feature you want to highlight, they  immediately add a touch of glamour and luxury to your venue.

CN 1 

3 cloud nines linked with tulle


CN 2

4 cloud nines linked with tulle


CN 3

3 cloud nines with trailing tulle


CN 4

Cloud nines + 2 x airwalkers


CN 5

4 cloud nines in coral & ivory


CN 6

3 pure white cloud nines