Halloween Balloons

Our scariest Halloween package ever!!!

Dare you book our ghostly decor?

Ghoulish fun for this year’s Halloween balloons package.

Walk your guests through our gruesome entrance arch!

Give them a proper scare with our giant black  googly eyed balloon spider!

Fill the room with skull and crossbone balloons. Let the ghoulish fun begin!!!!


10 x skull & crossbone bouquets

Giant spider

Halloween arch


Order a complete Halloween balloon package for just £215


10 (5) balloon table bouquets:

(top double bubble + 4 black skull & crossbone bouquets)

1 entrance arch:

(black, orange & skull & crossbone balloons)

1 huge balloon spider with googly eyes

(air filled to dangle over the heads of your guests)




Ceiling balloon canopy (100/150/200/250)


From £120


H3 Masquerade column


Balloon release. Excellent addition to your firework display!

From £150 for 200 balloons