Wedding balloon packages 2018/2019

Wedding balloon packages.

wedding balloon packages giant tulle covered balloon

 Here are our suggestions in the form of wedding balloon packages taken from past successful events.  Have a browse and see what catches your eye.

These are examples of designs you might use. The prices are based on 10 tables. However we understand that your requirements may not exactly fit these parameters. We can easily subtract or add, mix and match to suit.

Choose from foil or latex, adorned with floaty tulle or satiny ribbons, filled with air or helium  the choice is yours. Traditional colour combinations such as claret & ivory or this year's favorite: white and gold.

Very much in vogue are our giant (30") balloons covered with gossamer soft tulle - see above. Not surprisingly they have been hugely in demand throughout 2017 and the trend seems to be continuing into 2018 and beyond.

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 Fairytale tulle balloons


Giant balloons covered with frothy white tulle and tied beneath the neck with curling ribbon


WP 1

Top table arch
Cake table arch
10 (3) balloon table bouquets


WP 2

top table arch
entrance arch
10 (5) balloon bouquets


WP 3                       

3 cloud nines linked with tulle
10 (5) balloon table bouquets


WP 4

3 cloud nines linked with tulle
10 (5) balloon bouquets including top double bubble


WP 5

4 dance floor spirals
10 (3) balloon table bouquets